Elle erre dans le songe, il respire ailleurs at the International Literature Festival


Dance and literature with Louise Bédard and Guylaine Massoutre.
Elle erre dans le songe, il respire ailleurs - on September 22, 2019 | 8 pm | Cinquième Salle of the Place des Arts

Can dance write? Can writing dance?
Most arts have their own proper language. Literature is the best known of these, because it’s our language. Musicians have scores and dancers use their bodies, the whole body, even their sounds. Who are these dancers who read? How do they make a poetic text into a choreography?

There are countless dance movements and so many words to evoke them. But does each art remain in its shell: the text, with its images, its disembodied voices, and witheld sounds; the dance, with the outline of weight, impulses, physical contact, and evanescent pirouettes in space?

Over the years, associations between writing and dance have become more refined. Performers and writers have found new sources of inspiration. Writing choreography is a contemporary language and writing dance produces books, yet the passage between literature and dance remains mysterious.

Discover what animates dancers, this enchanting power to experience the incarnation of words, this passage in the richness of written forms. Whet your curiosity for a live encounter of dance and words.

Credits :

Text and reading : Guylaine Massoutre 
Choreography : Louise Bédard  
Dancers : Marie Claire Forté and Nicolas Patry
Production Louise Bédard Danse, presented in collaboration with FIL 2019
Images : Valeska G.
Music : Malitzin Cortès CNDSD and DJ Voilà
Special thanks to MUTEK for their kind collaboration in the use of the music of artists Malitzin Cortès CNDSD and DJ Voilà.
Costume : Marilène Bastien and Valeska G.

Oriane Komguep