VIERGE NOIRE (Black Madonna)

Them. Five women, five bodies dance the soul of the Vierge Noire. She, the unknown. Women of the world, clever women, carved from a single mystery. She.


Montréal and Portland


Year of creation : 1993
Running time : 20 minutes

Performers : Louise Bédard, Christine Charles, AnneBruce Falconer, Michèle Fèbvre, Jacqueline Lemieux, Michèle Rioux
Rehearsals direction : Dodik
Original music : Robert M. Lepage
Set design : Manon Choinière
Lighting : Marc Parent
Costumes : Caroline Bourgeois
Photographs : Yves Dubé
Graphic design : Devant le jardin de Bertuch
General direction, production and communications : Ginette Prevost – La Femme 100 têtes



Bédard has managed to deepen the vocabulary of contemporary dance, and offers breathtaking dance sequences full of imagination and daring.
Pascale Navarro, Voir - May 1993

In April Louise Bédard created Vierge Noire, an original piece about the female psyche with 5 strong dancers. Bédard demonstrated her choreographic maturity and Vierge Noire proved to be one of the most interesting dance pieces of the season.
Anne-Marie Lecomte, La Presse - December 1999