This work is a contemporary dance performance for four male dancers in which Louise Bédard takes a look at various aspects of masculinity. An incursion into the world of men, evoking the vulnerability hidden behind human artifices. A look into the “unsaid” and the mysterious changes that occur in everyone. Louise has used diverse sources as George Perrec’s La vie : mode d’emploi, and Robert Bly’s research into new male rituals and mythologies. A richly intricate piece danced to an original score by composer Robert M. Lapage.

Photo : Yves Dubé - Performers : Paul-André Fortier &

Photo : Yves Dubé - Performers : Paul-André Fortier &



Year of creation : 1991
Running time : 60 minutes

Choreography : Louise Bédard
Performers : Marc Boivin, Paul-André Fortier, Luc Ouellette, Harold Rhéaume
Original music : Robert M. Lepage
Set design : Louise Bédard, Marc-André Coulombe
Costumes : Marc-André Coulombe
Make up : Angelo Barsetti
Lighting : Stéphane Mongeau



Bédard’s female perspective of masculine conflict is highly insightful. Her moves are sleek and clever and speak volumes without a sound.
The Gazette, Montréal - 1992

The originality of the movements performed by the dancers demonstrates an understanding of male energy that goes beyond any from of stereotypes.
Voir, Montréal - 1992

Louise Bédard’s power of evocation translates itself in the originality of the forms she creates, and with her touch the body inhabits space and transmits with great subtlety a rich array of sensations… Her movements are impregnated with liberty, open to the world that surrounds her.
Voir, Montréal - 1991