(Among the ferns, brushed by a glance)

Dans les fougères foulées du regard brings together three men and three women in an explanation of the internal duality of each individual, evolving within a poetic landscape. The work unravels as an immense vital movement whose path is crossed by humans existing intensely and passionately, people who meet, watch, manipulate, and, at time, love…

Photo : Michael Slobodian

Photo : Michael Slobodian

Following Les métamorphoses clandestines (1991) which explored masculine identity and Vierge noire (1993), a choreographic approach to the feminine psyche, Louise Bédard completed her triptych linking the two worlds within Dans les fougères foulées du regard.

For this final piece Louise Bédard has chosen to abandon the traditional frontal disposition of the stage and public in order to situate her piece with spectators seated on all four sides, thus intimately linking the viewer to the stage and the dancer’s movement.

The storylines of this work consisting of poetic violence surprised the public, success with which Louise Bédard was awarded at the 5th International Choreographic Encounters of Seine-Saint-Denis (France) in 1996.


Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal, Maison de la culture de Villeray,  Rivière-des-Prairies, La Rotonde, Centre culturel de Drummondville, Théâtre Centennial, Du Maurier Theatre Agora de la danse, 5e Rencontres chorégraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis, Festival Danse Canada


Year of creation : 1995
Running time : 60 minutes

Artistic direction and choreography : Louise Bédard
Artistic advice : Vladimir Petkov
Performers : Marc Boivin, AnneBruce Falconer, Jacqueline Lemieux, Luc Ouellette, Harold Rhéaume , Michèle Rioux
Original music : Robert M. Lepage
Set design : Richard Lacroix
Costumes : Caroline Bourgeois
Lighting : Lucie Bazzo
Make up : Angelo Barsetti
Photographs : Michael Slobodian
Graphic design : Fabrizio Gilardino

Remount of the piece (2001) in maisons de la culture of the city of Montréal
Performers : Danielle L. Aways, Jessica Cumberbirch, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Nicolas Filion, Jonathan Turcotte, Rujé Tomás
Costume adaptation : Louise Bédard
Lighting adaptation : Réal Dorval
Rehearsals : Luc Ouellette



Bédard’s dance is notable, not only for its dancer’s unaffected and assured dancing, but also for the intelligence with which it is staged.
Cerinda Survant, The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, February 27, 1995.

Dans les fougères foulées du regard is so densely layered, so subtle, so intense that it begs to be allowed to float into your system like those cloud patterns swirling on the dance floor.
Linde Howe-Beck, Dance Connection, Montreal, Canada, September 1995.

In Dans les fougères foulées du regard, Louise Bédard crafts movements into an interlocking chain, where each gesture gives rise to another, thus creating a fascinating and compelling energy spiraling as if into the infinite.
Andrée Martin, Voir, Montreal, Canada, 11-17 May, 1995.

There are moments in Dans les fougères foulées du regard that provoke a strong quality of emotion and presence that have rarely been experienced…
Le droit, Ottawa-Hull , Canada, 1996

Dans les fougères foulées du regard was awarded the Prix d’auteur des 5es rencontres chorégraphiques de Seine Saint-Denis. It is not surprising that this unique piece seduced the jury of this prestigious competition.
Le Devoir, Montreal, Canada, 1996

Dans les fougères foulées du regard is immensely likable and beautifully paced. It leaves you feeling moved and revived.
The Ottawa citizen, Ottawa, Canada, 1996

Louise Bédard’s choreography represents a liberation of the imagination.
The Toronto star, Toronto, Canada, 1996