À L’OMBRE (In shadow)

Two men as two paintings in sketch, on which one draw the weight of the past and of modernity. Two men, and the fragility of the moment that installs on the canvas of their lives.

Born from the observation of a 50s photo – one of two minors from an Eastern country carrying on their backs sacks of coal – this duo has developed the poetic aspect of the movement, one that, by deploying in space, it is seen for its rhythm, its intensity, its broken forms, its duration, its judgments, its repetitions, its throbbing.

I’ve tried to access the male world and touching vulnerability of both men.
Louise Bédard


Festival Duos au Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes, France (1992)
Toulouse, Limoges, Bayonne - France (1993)
Anvers - Belgique (1993)


Year of creation : 1989
Running time : 27 minutes

Choreography : Louise Bédard
Performers : Sylvain Émard & Luc Ouellette
Lighting : Jean-Philippe Trépanier
Costumes : Marc-André Coulombe
Music : remix - l’empire centre africain, chant roumain - Peter Gabriel and John Cage